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Phu Tho is a province in the  northeastern Vietnam, locates in the exchange region between the Northeast, Hong River delta and the Northwest (the geography means as the central of the East – West – North Subregion)


PhuThoPortal – Phu Tho is located from 20' 55" to 21' 43" north latitude and from 104' 48" to 105' 27" east longitude. About 80km far away from Ha Noi, it is a joining point between eastern north in Hong (Red), River Delta and the western-north region with the north is bordering with Tuyen Quang and Yen Bai provinces; the south with Hoa Binh; the east with Vinh Phuc, Ha Tay and the west with Son La. t is also an economic, cultural and scientific bridge linking the Northern Delta region. Area is 1,2% area of country and 5,4% area mountain in the North of Vietname.

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