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Xuan Son National Park


PhuthoPortal - Xuan Son National Park is situated in Tan Son district, Phu Tho province. It is 33,687 hectares in total with the main part is 15,048 hectares and the bordering part covers 18.639 hectares. It has the preserved biodiversity system. According to the statistics, it has 1217 species of plants with 665 species of herbs, 300 species of edible plants, and vascular plants like oak, teak, and parashrea stellata.

Midland Tea Hills

PhuthoPortal - Phu Tho has long been famous for its tea planting farms covering over 12,000 hectares of hill area and produces up to 150,000 tones of fresh tender tea a year. The province each year exports 10,000 tones of dried tender tea.

Ao Chau Lake

PhuthoPortal - Located in Am Thuong and Yen Son commune, Ha Hoa district, it covers water square of 300ha. Ao Chau outstands in an area of midland and hills.

Bach Hac Confluence (White Crane Confluence)

PhuthoPortal - Bach Hac Confluence or White Crane Confluence is a name that has long been use. It is written Linh Nam Chi Quai (a Collection Strange Stories in Linh Nam) that: “there was in the ancient Phong  Chau a big wide shade tree call Chien Dan on which white cranes built their nests, thus this area is named Bach Hac or White Crane”. The region of Bach Hac Confluence is where three big rivers namely Thao, Da and Lo meet each other.

Midland Palm Forest

PhuthoPortal - Hills in the midland of Phu Tho, that look like close up-side-down bowls occupying thousands hectares of land are all covered with palm trees, providing a picturesque and appealing landscape.

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