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Ceremony honours 548 patriarchs in northwest region

PhuthoPortal - The National Steering Committee for the Northwest Region cooperated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front, the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs, Phu Tho province held a ceremony honours patriarchs in northwest region at Hung Vuong Square.

Delegates at the ceremony

Attending this event, there were Politburo members Nguyen Thien Nhan, VFF President; Nguyen Van Binh, Secretary of the Party Central Committee (PCC) and Head of the PCC Economic Commission; Truong Thi Mai, PCC Secretary and Head of the PCC Commission for Mass Mobilisation; and To Lam, Minister of Public Security; Truong Vinh Trong – former Politburo member, former Secretary of the PCC, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Head of the National Steering Committee for the Northwest Region; Nguyen Hoa Binh - Secretary of Party Central, Head of the supreme people’s court; Senior Lieutenant General Luong Cuong - Secretary of Party Central, Head of Politic Department of Vietnam Army; delegates of CPV CC, ministries, agencies, and provinces in the Northwest region.


The attention of Phu Tho’s leaders, there were Hoang Dan Mac – provincial Secretary, Chairman of People’s Council; Bui Minh Chau – the member of CPV CC, Vice Secretary, Chairman of People’s Committee; delegates of provincial Standing Committee; permanent of People’s Council, People’s Committee, Phu Tho province Vietnam Fatherland Front; representative of departments, unions, district, town, city and 548 patriarchs who represent for over 22,500 persons of 14 ethnic in the northwest region.


The northwest region includes 12 provinces, are Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La, Phu Tho, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Hoa Binh, Lang Son, Cao Bang and 21 district in the west of Thanh Hoa and Nghe An. It is the key area of the socio – economic, security – defense of the country, where has 32 ethnics living. In years, the northwest region always receives much interested of Party, State, ministries, agencies, central sector and beside the effort to develop of provinces, the economic in the northwest region is changed, the materials and spirits of life is increase; the security – defense is kept stable… in those achievement, it has the contribution of patriarchs.


On the speech opening the ceremony, Hau A Lenh – the member of CPV CC, Vice Permanent Head of the National Steering Committee for the Northwest Region told that 548 patriarchs representing for over 22,500 persons in the northwest region to attend the ceremony, are the special mirror of all type, ethnic, ages and works in different units in all field… but the similar point of them are the fervent hearts, high responsibility to the community and social. They always go ahead in the campaigns, are the key factor of the national solidarity; creative and overcome difficult to develop economic, reduce poverty, build new rural, preserve and promote the cultural characteristic.


Addressing the event, Politburo member Binh, who is also Head of the Steering Committee for the Northwest Region, spoke highly of the significant contributions made by the patriarchs in the northwest region in recent years, praise and congratulation to 548 patriarchs attending the ceremony. He assessed that the National Steering Committee for the Northwest Region and Part levels, government, Fatherland Front and unions, people has well done works to promote the patriarch’s role in the building and protecting the country as well as do policies to patriarchs. He believed that those patriarchs in the ethnics will continue develop their role in activities of life, social so as to make the northwest more develop.


At the ceremony honouring 548 patriarchs whose represent to 22,500 persons in the northwest were honour and award.


This event was honour the patriarchs in the northwest region in all sector of life, socio, create a chance for them to exchange, learn experiments and multiply the special mirror in the region; addition it affirms the interest of the Party, State, Fatherland Front, central agencies, committees and administrations at all levels to facilitate patriarchs to be devoted, to participate effectively results in economic- social development activities; ensure the security – defense at local; continue to encourage, promoting the role of patriarch in the career of building and protection the country.


Some photos at the ceremony honours:



By Phuong Thao

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