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Phu Tho - 20 years of innovation and development

Phu Tho is ancestral land with rich of historical and cultural tradition. From thousand year ago, Hung Kings chose this place as the capital of the land of Van Lang - the first state in the history of our country. Experiencing the historical periods, Phu Tho has repeatedly change the name and administrative boundaries. In which the milestone must mention is dated 8th September1891 Hung Hoa was established – now is Phu Tho province. On January 26th 1968, Standing Committee of the National Assembly issued a resolution to merge the two provinces of Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc, named is Vinh Phu province. After 29 years of consolidation, on January 1st 997 Phu Tho was re-established under Resolution at its 10th session, the 9th National Assembly.

Former National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung visited the Phu Tho economic - socio exhibition


In 1997, Phu Tho re-established, was lower economic development and not equal between regions. The financial resource was short and not balance. Agriculture and forestry production were low and not stable. The production habit was backward, the life met difficulties specially in the mountain regions. The industry had some factory but old technology, old equipments, weak management, operated without result, caused air pollution. The infrastructure of economic, technical and social were limited and weak. Less advantages and not attract in calling investment. The urban infrastructure was not develop with the requirement of the industrialization, modernization. 


After 20 years re-establishment, with the interest of the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly, the Government and the assistance of the departments, ministries, central agencies, Phu Tho province has overcome many difficulties challenges, accelerates the innovation and achieves significant achievements. The economic growth rate always maintains more higher than the average annual growth of the country, is 8.69%/year. The economic moves towards in the positive; in 1996, the economic structure was: Agriculture, forestry, fishery 34.9% - Industrial construction 32.4% - Service 32.7%; in 2016, agriculture, forestry, fisheries 24.04% - Industrial construction 39.65% - Service 36.31%. The economic scale in 2016 increases 5 times compared to 1997. The State budget revenue estimates VND4,400 billion, up 20 times compared to 1997; the average income is VND33.2 million/person, up 14.5 times compared to 1997.


From a small agricultural province, low capacity, until now Phu Tho’s agriculture has relatively comprehensive development to the speed fast and sustainable development, to become "pillars" for the economy, contribute to ensuring social security in the province. Production thinking of the people have changed, positive applications of science and technology in the goods production association with the market. Many key producing areas were established, example, food production, tea plants, fruit trees, develop livestock, poultry and aquaculture. In 2016 the added value of agricultural sector is estimated at VND7,255.1 billion; the food quantity reaches 465 thousand tons (in 1996, the food quantity reached 241.3 thousand tons; the average food reached 191kg per person); the product value on 1 hectare of planting and fishery reaches VND82.4 million. The rural areas have changed. One district reaches  the standard of new rural; 85 communes reach and basically reach the standard of new rural.


Industry - construction has fast develop, the production value in 2016 increases 8.4 times compared to 1997, ranks the 1st of provinces in the Northwest and 3rd of the delta and mountain in the North. The economic structure is shifted towards increasing the processing industryproportion, manufacturing. The economic types of non-state, foreign capital are quite increased. In the past, Phu Tho had 1 industrial zone – Thuy Van, now, there are 7 industrial zones with 2,156 hectares area (4 industrial zones has been attracting the investment) and 25 industrial parks with 1,100 hectares.


Tourism activities has strong developed, toward to be the key economic; the tourism revenue in 2016 is VND2,011.9 billion. Trade services, transportation, warehousing, banking and credit, post and telecommunication are fast grow. The export and import are vibrant place, actively expand the market. In 2016, export turnover estimates at USD1,099 million (end of 1996 the value of exports reached USD40.7 million).


The key infrastructure with important role in economic - society development is identified, it is a long strategy of province which is chosen as one of the breakthroughs to do. In which, building infrastructure of urban, industrial zone and industrial park, transport, culture – socio items, health, education and training… By policies, orientations and solutions, the infrastructure has great results, especially in the transport. Now, Phu Tho has 1,243.9km of the national road, provincial roads which is new construction, upgrade; 87.29% district road and 58.2% rural road are concreted. The transport of province is connected with the national roads, 4 conjunction up and down of Noi Bai – Lao Cai Expressway, 10 big bridges over Red River, Lo River and Da River. Projects of Hung Kings Temple Relic, Hung Vuong Square, Van Lang Park, Hung Vuong University… are invested to build. Recognizing Phu Tho town as the urban type 3; Viet Tri city as urban type 1; well done the central urban functional, toward to be a festival city return the root of Vietnam.


The education and training career continues to devolve and ensure the balance of the scale, type and improve quality, gradually implement standardization, modernization, diversification and socialization of education. The number of school reaching the national standard is 66.6% (612/919 schools). The education and training quality ranks in the top provinces, cities of the country. The health care people is interested, basically reaches the speed to do the millennium goals on health. The health system is strengthen, development and perfection. Quality healthcare progress has many improvements, new technical applications, modern diagnostic and treatment; Phu Tho General Hospital becomes satellite hospital of the central hospitals.


Activities of culture, information – communications, sports have prospered. Good implementation of conservation, promoting the value of history, national culture; built and successfully defended two intangible cultural heritages “Phu Tho Xoan Singing” and “The worship of Hung Kings” were recognized and honored by UNESCO; contributing confirmed, expanding the cultural space of ancestral land. The movement “All people unite to build cultural life” develops in depth; there are 87.6% cultural families, 86.6% cultural residential area, and 100% residential area having the cultural house.


Policies of social security, reduce poverty, policies with people whose devoted to the country are concerned. The works training for labor is well done. Programs, projects, plans support for the development economic – socio of the mountain areas, ethnic minorities is timely implemented. Phu Tho Province escaped poverty. End of 2016, according to multidimensional poverty, the poverty rate is 10.44% (the end of 1996, the rate of poor households was 26%). 85% population participated in health insurance; 93.5% rural population is used clean water. Defense and security are enhanced; the political security is maintained, the safe and security of social is ensured. The works building Party and political system is strengthened; implementing Resolution No.4 of 11th Party Center concern “Studying and following the thought, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh” has achievements, expands in depth and changes the awareness, actions of officials, Party members and people. Phu Tho has deployed and good implemented the direct dialogue regulation between the head of the Party levels, government and people. The direction of government of levels is increased; administrative reform has much changed, in 2015, The Par Index of Phu Tho  ranked 11th place; the Provincial Competitiveness Index ranked 35th place in the country, and ranked 3rd in the delta and mountain in the North.


Those achievements after 20 years of the re-establishment is the best efforts, hands to build of people, agencies, knowledge force, scientists, businesses, enterprises, army force. Achievements and results which has contributes to the prime and the historical value, tradition culture, heroic of Party, Government and people of the ancestral land.


So as to complete the economic – socio target period 2015 – 2020, Party and people of Phu Tho province concentrates awareness, grow the solidarity of Party, people, army, develop internal power, maximum catching external resources, to effort overcome difficulties, challenges, try to success implement the Resolution of the 18th Phu Tho Party Congress, contributes to do Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, in which focuses in contents:


Renew the development model concerns to do 4 breakthroughs:  Investment to the key infrastructure, tourism develop, human resource develop and administrative reform. Building, completing mechanism, policies, creating favorable condition for production, business and develop socio – economic. Maximum mobilizing resources for the development, creates the breakthrough to develop economic, especially the key infrastructure and tourism infrastructure. Focusing to restructure agriculture sector on the way increase the added value and stable development. Agriculture applies scientist and high-tech, green agriculture in the production, process; building the high-tech agriculture area. To attract enterprises invest in agriculture, rural; connects enterprises with farmers; encourages develop economic of farmers, union economic, the scale of households.


Strengthening develop services; focusing develop services of credit, bank, insurance, information and communications, service support business, education, training, health…  improving quality of tradition services; promoting investment resource to build up transport services, parking, warehouse, ICD service. Operation of financial, credit card, science and technology, management natural resource and environment is enhanced.


The culture – socio sector is interested to develop. To continue make the wholly change,  strong in the quality, effective education and training. Doing the synchronous methods improve the healthcare quality, trying to build Phu Tho as the center health service of the region. Effective implement mechanism, plan and universal insurance roadmap; to focus attract the investment of service infrastructure, tourism; expand the tours and tourism’s products. Preservation and development the historical value, tangible and intangible culture heritages, specially the characteristic culture values of the ancestral land. To solve the problem of labor and employment. To concern, implement policies and social security policies for ethnic minority and mountainous areas, people whose have contributed to the revolution; improve the quality life; reduce the distance of the average income compared to the average of the whole country.


Solidify defense posture, maintain security, political stability. Focusing on building the Party and political system. Effective deployment Resolution No.4 of the 12th National Party Congress on “Strengthening the construction, building Party; preventing, reversing the decline of ideology, politics, ethics, lifestyle, the expression “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” on insider” associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo requiring the strengthening of Studying and following the thought, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh.


Further strengthen the role of the People's Council, the Fatherland Front Committee and organizations in the monitoring process of implementing the tasks of economic – social development. Administrative reforms and innovative methods, style of work; reorganize and raise the awareness observance of discipline, improve professional qualifications, service ethics, sense of responsibility in the work of servants in the province.


Moving into a new era of global integration, Phu Tho performs tasks with more convenient but also a lot of difficulties and challenges. Therefore, all levels and departments, cadres, Party members, soldiers of the armed forces, businesses, entrepreneurs and people of all ethnic groups in the province continue to uphold the spirit of patriotic emulation, solidarity and promote self-reliance will actively seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and challenges, trying to emulate the production, striving to fulfill Resolution of the 18th Phu Tho Party Congress, Decree of the 12th National Party Congress, building Phu Tho becomes increasingly prosperous, civilized and worthy is original land of Vietnam.


Hoang Dan Mac - Secretary of Phu Tho Party Committee, Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Council

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