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Phu Tho proactive, positive in the international integration more and more deeper

PhuthoPortal - The diplomat activities of Phu Tho province has marked success in many fields in recent years. As a poor province in the past, after 20 years re-establishment, Phu Tho has been increasing its position and images, becoming the important partner of countries in the world, as an attractive destination for FDI enterprises. Those results are the highest effort of Phu Tho province to develop all advantage to do diplomacy in 3 main tubes including politic diplomacy, economic diplomacy and culture diplomacy.

Secretary of Phu Tho Party Committee Mr. Hoang Dan Mac and Ambassador of India Republic in Vietnam Mr. Parvathaneni Harish


Politic diplomacy has positive implemented, and put the relation with important partners in the effective and stable. Parallel maintaining the tradition friendship relation with Luong Namtha, Oudomxay, Phongsaly – Laos; Hwaseong city – Korea; Shanxi – China. In 2012, Phu Tho established the cooperation relation with Nara Prefecture – Japan. The role is a member of the East Asia Local and Regional Government Congress, Phu Tho has actively proposing the initiative and contribute substantially to the high responsibility in economic cooperation, culture, social security, general development  of the region, contributed to improve the position of the country in the region and in the world.


Beside that Phu Tho increases the contact, offers the help of Vietnam agencies, Vietnam organizations in a board to connect, build and establish the cooperation with provinces of Italia, Korea, India, Burglum, the United State and France.  The delegations to promote investment, learning experiments in the United State, India, Korea, Russia, Czech, the EU countries.. are established. Thus, it opens the cooperation with partners and sectors.


Permanent Vice Secretary of Phu Tho Party Committee Mr. Bui Minh Chau and the delegation visited the modern lines of textile dyeing of the factory at its Albino headquarters


In the economic diplomacy, based on potentials, competition benefits, Phu Tho has deployed, promoted maximum the internal power to push up the international economic integration. The International Economic Integration Steering Committee is established. Phu Tho province directs departments, agencies to increase the propaganda related policies of integration, Vietnam’s commitments…


Phu Tho has created the breakthrough in investment by flexible application policy to integration. In 2015, Phu Tho hold successful investment promotion conference with partners in and out country; attracted 10 FDI projects with USD86,6 million register capital; bringing the total number of FDI projects to 147 projects with a total registered capital of nearly USD1 billion. At present, enterprises, FDI projects are operating up to 220 projects with USD1204,09 million. The aid from NGOs in Phu Tho increase the number and quality. Annually, the aid reaches USD4 million…


In culture diplomacy, Phu Tho has much more activities to increase the understand with countries, promote and advertise the culture of the ancestral land and potentials, advantages. In the anniversary of Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival, Phu Tho has combined to hold the cultural activities such as Phu Tho – Hwaseong (Korea) art exhibition; art program of Hwaseong in 2012; Korea weekend film; art program of Nara – Japan in 2015; collaborated with India Embassy in Vietnam successfully hosted the 1st international Yoga and performed the art program of Bollywoo – India. Phu Tho has also sent delegations participated in the traditional folk art in Hwaseong city; international tourism fair in Japan. Coordinating with ministries, agencies, related locals promote the propaganda, advertising values of intangible cultural heritages which was recognized by UNESCO as Phu Tho Xoan Singing and The worship of Hung Kings; and the unique culture of the ancestral land to aboard.


Rin-yu-Gaku art group of Tenri University, Nara Prefecture (Japan) performed art at Hung Vuong University on occasion of 2015 Hung Kings Temple Festival


Cooperating in education, health are important contents of the international cooperation of Phu Tho. Education cooperation concentrates 3 sectors: Training, research science and exchange officials, lecturers and students. In addition, Phu Tho has signed cooperation in the health, health care with some international organizations. The infrastructure system, machines, health equipments are always being changed. The qualification of nurse and doctor force is raised. Every year, from  12 doctors to 16 doctors are being trained in Germany, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia.. etc.


Vietnam working overseaa is continue to be made effective. Phu Tho province combines with the State Committee of Vietnamese in aboard to welcome Vietnamese oversea come back and offered incense to Hung Kings. Activities of Phu Tho Union of Friendship Organizations and a number of the People's Friendship Associations achieve results, example, Vietnam – Czech Friendship Association, Slovakia, Vietnam – Laos, Vietnam – China…


The officials of Banladesh visited the administrative reform model at Phu Tho General Hospital


The diplomacy activities contribute effective to do target of economic – socio development and the socio security in the provincial. At present stage, Phu Tho has build Plan deploys the general strategy of integration to 2020, orientation 2030, in which identifies contents, sector, ability condition for provincial focus to invest, catching the international advantage, ensure the benefits of the nation and province. By those provincial effort, it is believed that Phu Tho diplomacy in the future will be synchronous and comprehensive. Especially, the diplomacy of Party, Government and People will smooth coordination, streng mobilization,  bringing the Phu Tho diplomacy in the new successes and serve effectively for the building of provincial development.


By Phuong Thao

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