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Phu Tho to launch Books Festival 2017: Multiply the reading cultural in the community

PhuthoPortal – On April 3rd (March 7th lunar), Phu Tho launched Books Festival 2017 at the stage of Van Lang Park, Viet Tri city. This is the first time Phu Tho hosted the out door books festival on the occasion of the death anniversary Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival.

Delegates cut a ribbon to open Books Festival 2017


Attending the books festival, it were the member of Standing Committee of Phu Tho Party Committee, Permanent Vice Chairman of People’s Council Vi Trong Le; the member of Standing Committee of Phu Tho Party Committee, Chairman of Phu Tho Fatherland Front Tran Phu Tieu; the member of Standing Committee of Phu Tho Party Committee, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee, Chief of Hung Kings Temple Festival Organization Committee 2017 Ha Ke San; the member of Standing Committee of Phu Tho Party Committee, Secretary of Viet Tri Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of Viet Tri People’s Council Nguyen Huy Hoang; Vice Chairman of People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Hai; members of Standing Committee of Phu Tho Party Committee, Permanent People’s Council, People’s Committee, Fatherland Front; Party Committee of agencies; Party Committee of businesses group; leaders of People’s Committee of district, city, towns; members of Hung Kings Temple Festival Organization Committee 2017; universities, colleges; publishers and all level of people.


Vice Chairman People’s Committee Ha Ke San and Director of Information and Communications Department Phan Quang Thao gifted flower and memorial flag to publishers


On the opening speech, Director of Information and Communications Department Phan Quang Thao affirmed that doing the direction of Prime Minister about Vietnam Book Day, in years, Phu Tho has the real activities to push up and advertise the reading cultural in the community, increase the communication on Vietnam Book Day. Hosting the dialogues, introducing, exhibiting and presenting books and the competition reading books, telling story, write memorial about books, painting on the books, building libraries in schools. Addition, there are mobilizing to build family’s book box, the reading room at the cultural house, library at the community learning center and bring books, newspapers to the rural area, mountain area… Thus, the books become the best friend, the reading is good habit, in the mind and multiply in the community.


Developing those results, in 2017 Phu Tho People’s Committee controls Phu Tho Department of Information and Communications to host and associate with the related units to launch the books festival. It is one of activities to serve the death anniversary Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival 2017 to create the reading space for people of Phu Tho province, as well as affirms the role, task of books, towards to build and develop the reading campaign in all level of people, establishes the learning community.


Delegates attended the opening ceremony


There are 17 units including publishers, companies working in the culture, communications in the province and in the country attended the books festival, example, Kim Dong publisher, Nha Nam Culture and Communication Joint Stock Company, Dong A Joint Stock Company, Phu Tho books and education equipments Company… with 20.000 book name, 500.000 books with more types, high quality of the content and the value such as politic, youngster, literature, culture – socio; economic, science – technology… During the book festival, readers are exchanged and dialogued with Doctor Nguyen Manh Hung – General Director, Chairman of Thai Ha Books Joint Stock Company with the topic “Serve to leading”. Some programs will happened as introduction book, signing to present books and the discount books with gifts to readers to visit and buy books. It is the highlight point and attracts readers.


Delegates visited book rooms


Speaking at the opening, Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Committee Ha Ke San praised the efforts of agencies in years with many practical activities to promote reading culture in the community. In order to Vietnam Book Day and the reader culture come into life and develop widely in the society, he suggested the levels and branches within the scope of their functions and management tasks to promote real implementation the Prime Minister's decision on the Vietnam Book Day is more effective; strengthening propaganda and mobilizing people to raise awareness of reading culture; launch reading movements in libraries in general and libraries in schools in particular; display good and books; guide reading skills, select books suitable for each age; promote the movement to donate books, support books for pupils in difficult areas...


He wished everyone especially young people should spend a precious time during the day, the week to read, reading is one of the most important ways to acquire human elixir; Is the shortest, most reliable way to help people achieve more success in life, more love life; contributing to the enrichment of knowledge, enriching the treasures of knowledge of the nation and of humanity.


After the opening ceremony, delegates visited the rooms of the units participating in the Book Festival.


The Book Festival 2017 attracted audiences


By Phuong Thao

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