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The death anniversary of the Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival 2017: Brings the heritage to the community
PhuthoPortal - Hung Kings Temple and anniversary the death Hung Kings are the symbol of love country and the power of solidarity in Vietnam cultural.The death anniversary of the Hung Kings annual is the great festival, bring in depth cultural and special of Vietnam, expresses the morality“When drinking water, remember its source”, memory and honor Hung Kings whose built and protected the country. Thousand years, Vietnamese has built temples and worshiped Hung Kings at Nghia Linh Mountain, Hy Cuong commune, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province. Otherwise, there are more shrine, temple… to worship Hung Kings, his wife, generals of Hung King period in Phu Tho and other province in the country. Early, in the days happened the festival, billions people brings Lac Hong blood, wherever they live, they always remember the ancestral land, returns to Hung Kings solemn honor Hung Kings, shows the belief to ancestors, offers incense to wish the peace, prosperous, rich and happy to the country and people.

The processionscale is expanded in communes around Hung Kings Temple area on the Death anniversary of the Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival


The Death anniversary of the Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival 2017, Phu Tho provincial People's Committee is a host and the participation of the four provinces are Hanoi, Thai Binh, Binh Phuc and Ben Tre. The festival happens in 6 days, from April 1st  – 6th  (March 5th – 10th in the lunar calendar) on the Hung Kings Temple area, Viet Tri city; communes around Hung Kings Temple; relics worship Hung Kings and generals of Hung King period in total province, in which the central is Hung Kings Temple area and Viet Tri city. The aim is build and organize the Death anniversary of the Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival to be the model festival of the country, Phu Tho province has focused to direction ensuring the safety and security festival with the solemn ritual, depth communication; the festival’s actions happy, fresh, safe, economy; suitable combination between tradition and modem cultural activities; make the depth expand and satisfaction to people, tourists visit Hung Kings Temple.


In recent years, Phu Tho has been trying to bring the heritage to the community, at the same time affirming the community’s role as well as help the community – the objects of heritage understand its role in the preservation and development the value of the ancestral land. In order to attract attention of the community, firstly, it need the voluntee agreement of community. The awareness is improved and able to preserve, restore festival and practice rituals is the most advantage in the preservation of people. The organization committee encourages people actively, voluntee join actions of Hung Kings – Hung Kings Temple Festival so as to keep and protect the heritages.


After the worship of Hung Kings was recognized by UNESCO, tourists visit and offer incense to Hung King more increase in years. The Death anniversary of the Hung Kings on March 10th lunar annual, at the same time Phu Tho province on behalf people in the country offer incense to memory Hung Kings at Kinh Thien Palace on Nghia Linh Mountain, locals of Phu Tho and provinces in the country having the temple to worship Hung Kings and generals of the Hung King period offer incense, honor ancestors who built and protect the country, shows the solidarity of nation and is a main part which not lack in the worship of Hung Kings. So as to same ritual practice, Phu Tho combines with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Institute of Hán-Nôm Studies investigate, research documentaries, example, papal letter, genealogy book at relics worship Hung Kings, generals of the Hung Kings period in provincial and as foundation to standardized the Hung Kings ritual to facilitate at those relic worship Hung Kings in Phu Tho and in the country. From the State capital and socialized capital, Phu Tho restores and renovates Hung Kings relics belongs communes around Hung Kings Temple and in Phu Tho province that keeps the solemn space for people to practice; right performs the rituals to worship Hung Kings on the tradition. Thus, there is focused the maximum attendance of the community to protect, create and hand over heritage, but also improved the management capacity of government of all level to maintain heritage, so the preservation of the worship of Hung Kings becomes a model in the management and promotion the value of traditional cultural heritage.


In the recent year, Phu Tho province advocates for socialization and expansion of procession in the communes around Hung Kings Temple area during the anniversary. This activity is not only the beauty of the traditional culture of thousands of people, but also deep meaning to honor the value of Hung Kings worship faith in Phu Tho, contributing to improve the morality “When drinking water, remember its source”,  and pay homage to the ancestors of Vietnamese. And most importantly, it promotes the role of the community in preserving the value of the faith. Localities wishing to participate in the procession are registered with the Organization Committee to arrange time, create conditions for security and support a part of the cost for the units participating in the procession in accordance the traditional ceremony of each region. The socialization of ritual procession on Hung Kings Temple is implemented on the voluntary spirit of the people. The people of the communes and wards participate not only in their efforts, direct performance, but also in the active participation of the audience. This shows that each activity in the worship of Hung Kings in Phu Tho is the cooperation of all people, showing the community and being kept and transmitted from generation to generation and becoming a unique cultural and religious identity that connects the past and the present with the meaning of cultivating the family, the village, the community and the country.


In activities to bring the heritage to the community, Phu Tho province has great focused to preserving, promoting and spreading Xoan singing and sustain life in the community. The vitality of Xoan singing in the current life through the development of Xoan singing clubs, lovers and the public. Now Phu Tho has a 62 artisans who can perform and teach ancient Xoan tunes; more than 30 Xoan clubs with more than 1.200 members; 100% school in Viet Tri city teaches Xoan singing…


Relics related to Xoan singing have been restored, renovated, met the requirements of the performance space of Xoan singing and given the management right to the community. At the same time, Xoan singing practice in the community has been gradually restored. It brings the joy and excitement to the Xoan wards and the local people. Along with that, the the Street Folk Festival2017 in Viet Tri is also organized towards the community. The event is attended by nearly 2.000 people in 23 wards and communes in Viet Tri city and districts are Lam Thao, Thanh Thuy and Doan Hung. The festival aims shows the strength of the village community and the region, reflects the traditional culture of each locality, contributes to creating more bright colors in the general picture of culture of Viet Tri city in particular and in Phu Tho province in general. Other activities include Dragon Boat Festival on the Lo River; Folk performances... have been showing clearly the goal of bringing heritage to the community.


More than 90 billion people in the domestic and overseas Vietnamese are general will to the death anniversary of the Hung Kings with pride in the unique values that has made the Vietnamese strengthen through the ages. In death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the worship of Hung Kings is continued to be handed down, nourished the soul and wisdom of Vietnam, cultivated the solidarity and values of Vietnam in the new era.


Ha Ke San – Member of the executive committee of the party, Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Committee

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