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Implementing solutions to raise the Provincial Competitiveness Index

PhuthoPortal - In years, Phu Tho has attempted to make the fresh investment environment, encouraged all type of the economic development. In 2016, Phu Tho ranked 29thin the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) table, up 6 times, with 58,60 point and ranked 3rd per 13 provinces in the North. It is the 4th years, the PCI of Phu Tho continue increases and is ranked on the middle groups. Phu Tho has been implementing more solution in which to focus changing the direction so as to improve the PCI ranking.

Secretary Phu Tho Party Committee Hoang Dan Mac directed to speed up of IC7 project


In 2016, in 10 index of PCI, Phu Tho increases mark at labor training, the transparency, join the market and the active. Reaching those achievements because Phu Tho province always defines to improve the business environment, improve the ability competition is one of priorities at present. Thus Phu Tho determines to change the administrative reforms, lucid administrative procedures. The human resource training is taken care to control. Investment promotion programs, trade promotion, fairs are organized to create the opportunity for businesses advertising, introducing, building their bands, expanding the sell market.


Government of all level usually closed combination with businesses, equal dialogue, open, truth reflect the appearance problems, together solving problems, be a factor basically changing relation between the government and business on the orientation of serve administrative, making more benefit to attract investment. Which helps Phu Tho maximum deploy potentials, strengthens, early becomes a province with the economic structure develop suitability and strong, is the attraction place and safe for investors in and out the country.


Mr. Tran Giang – Director of Phu Tho Investment and Trade Center affirmed: “Phu Tho has showed the active and incentive in direction, control, investment promotion thy the cooperation relation between Phu Tho and investors so as together develop. Phu Tho researches, adjust and completes machineries, incentive policies, attracts investors to invest in the agriculture, rural, industrial clutter; focuses in policy to support the production of main products with high competition, applies new technology in the incentive sectors, to pay damages policy, helps re-settlement, clean ground for projects. Especially, projects are operated in the provincial, it is done on “one gate connected” machinery, reduce the time and cost for businesses”.


Dialogue business conference on June 2016


An important problem of the present period is defined as to maintain the stableness index of land, time, informal cost, equivalent competition, support business, law system, leaders of provincial and locals, leader of Phu Tho Industrial Park Management Aboard focus to listen businesses’ ideals, deals problems on production and business.


To improve the mark of land index, Phu Tho has increase to do methods with aim to promote investment, example, public plans, notable  is plan using land, price land, policies of attract investment and incentive investment on websites so that easy to search for individuals and businesses. All business, outstanding is businesses on incentive support sectors, who invest in Phu Tho, they have priority to chose place, area in order to suitable for the scale and planed is approved by authority agencies; to be chosen the type using land with cost on the current regulation; is supported infrastructure and cost to clean ground of which the province will payment for clear ground of incentive projects, attract investment production and business. Investors is supply documentaries of policy, plan of Party, the laws of State,  the machinery supports investment and incentive policies that relation with business’ investment activities.; is supported costs concerned the preparation investment owned the provincial priority; free cost to attending conferences and promotion investment activities. 


Secretary of the Phu Tho Party Committee Hoang Dan Mac visited Vietnam Theysen Textile Ltd. Co


Otherwise, Phu Tho concentrates the training, to foster one's professional ability, administrative skill, cultural official for civil servants directly solve the main administrative procedures; increases check, monitor administrative procedures at departments, branches and district, city and town; reduce the time of business registration certificate with the target is delete “informal cost”, makes the most advantage for investors, businesses to invest and business at here.


The strictly solutions are implemented in years such as administrative reform on the public, clear, maximum reduce the cost and time for investor; arranges officers responsibility, ability work at position to meet businesses and people; also deals with problems for businesses, creates the equality competition environment to take a part of improving the PCI. From achievements, Phu Tho has been attempting to reduce limitation, raising the position on the PCI ranking, contributing to speed up the economic – socio development.


By Khanh Trang

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