Ambassador of Greek in Vietnam paid a working in Phu Tho province

PhuthoPortal – On Jan 19th 2017, Greek Ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos paid a visit and worked in Phu Tho province. Welcome and worked, there were Director of Foreign Affairs Do Ngoc Dung, the representatives of the Office of provincial People’s Committee and many departments and sectors.

The representative of Phu Tho province presented a bronze dump symbold to ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos


Vietnam and Greece established the relation on April 15th 1975. This relations has been developing in sectors and detail fields. In the meetings, both sides affirm to develop the traditional relation and cooperation, exchange to orientations to increase the cooperation on fields of political – diplomacy, economic – trade, culture – education and training.


In the meeting, Director of Foreign Affairs Do Ngoc Dung told the overview of the geography, potentials, strengthens as well as the economic – socio development of Phu Tho in recent years. He hoped ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos will introduce images, potential and strengthens of Phu Tho province, especially the cultural values are recognized by the world such as 2 intangible cultural heritages “Phu Tho Xoan Singing” and “The worship of Hung Kings” to Greece people, thus it attracts Greece tourists to visit and research about Phu Tho province. Greece is a country with long cultural, depth character and education development. Phu Tho offered ambassador to help in the access scholarship programs of Greek in fields: Languages and Literature; fashion design, architecture, tourism; support to connect the cooperation between Hung Vuong University and Institutes, universities of Greek through the different education types. Specially, also offered Greece help Vietnam in the parallel and multilateral forum in future.


Ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos thank for the welcome of Phu Tho province, and expressed the respect to the cultural value in the long times and achievements of Phu Tho in recent years. He emphasized the important of the cooperation relation has been developing between Vietnam and Greece; also confirmed to be a linking bridge to advertise incentive investment of Phu Tho to Greek businesses; actively to help Phu Tho take part in tourism events which is organized by the Greek embassy in Vietnam as well as the tourist promotion activities of Vietnam in general and Phu Tho in particular in Greece; continue to help Phu Tho to bring Xoan Singing in the situation of intangible culture heritage needs urgent protection to be the representative in intangible culture heritage of humanity in 2017.


Ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos offered incense at Hung Kings Temple and joined to perform Xoan Singing at Hung Lo Communal House, Viet Tri city


In the frame working, ambassador Nicolaos D. Kanellos visited Hung Kings, enjoyed the performance of Xoan Singing at Hung Lo Communal House, Viet Tri city.


By Phuong Thao

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