Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Committee Bui Minh Chau visits and paid a work in Da Nang city and Lam Dong province

PhuthoPortal – From Feb 15 – 19, the Phu Tho’s delegation led by Bui Minh Chau – the member of CPV CC, Vice Secretary of Phu Tho Party Committee, Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Committee, Chief of provincial NA, accompanied by Vi Trong Le – the member of provincial Standing Committee, Permanent Vice-Chairman of Phu Tho People’s Council; leaders of departments, sectors; leaders of Viet Tri city and Ha Hoa district. The visit aim is attractiveness more investors, success implementation tasks to develop economic – socio.

* In Hanoi, Chairman Bui Minh Chau and the delegation paid a work with Sun Group Corporation and Trung Nam Corporation


Sun Group is the top Corporation of Vietnam in fields, such as, convalescence tourism, amusement and real estate. The Group has implemented a series of projects contributing to the socio-economic development of many localities as Ba Na Hills, Fansipan Telpher in Lao Cai province, Ha Long Ocean Park.


In the working, Chairman Bui Minh Chau told the potentials, strengthens of Phu Tho province. He hoped the Group will co-operate, advise in the tourism which has more benefit to develop; consider, invest some projects in the tourism, entertainment to exploit Phu Tho’s potentials, example, hot mineral water, spirit tourism, resorts, practice tourism, to bring its becomes the key economic.


Leader of the Sun Group thanked to the trust and affirmed the Group will investigate, find opportunity investment in Phu Tho, especially,  in the fields which was introduced as the South of Hung Kings, Xuan Son National Park and hot mineral water areas. He believed that more corporations, enterprises will invest because Phu Tho has done the favorable policies, incentive investors in years.


On behalf of Phu Tho’s leaders, Chairman Bui Minh Chau presented a bronze drum symbol to the Sun Group Corporation.


Trung Nam is the economic corporation including 8 subsidiaries and 3 associated companies. The main business is construction, energy, real estate, houses, trade… The fact that those projects which has been implementing in Da Nang as well as other city, provinces by Trung Nam, it contributes to the prosperous and development of locals in particular and in the country in general. At present, Trung Nam has a policy and has been completing procedures to invest into Ao Chau Lake, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province.


In the working, Chairman Bui Minh Chau affirmed that Phu Tho’s commits with investors to make favorable condition, side by side enterprises, solves difficult for enterprises business effective, it makes the economic of province development. He hoped the group will done projects in Phu Tho in the spirit “Investment – Stability – Building the future”.


* In Lam Dong province, Chairman Bui Minh Chau and the delegation visited high-tech agricultural enterprises and worked with the leaders of Lam Dong province.


Visiting and learning experiments of the high-tech agricultural factories of Lam Dong province, Chairman Bui Minh Chau emphasized that this is a model which Phu Tho province and enterprises should learn. The fact shows that the methods and the way to do is not hard, the main problem of Phu Tho agricultural production is united land, policies attract businesses invest in agriculture on the orientation of high tech. The agriculture and rural development and related departments and government of locals should learn the good methods and solve the market’s requirement to make the breakpoint in the agriculture and bring the effective economic to farmers and enterprises.


After that, the delegation worked with Lam Dong provincial leaders about experiments to attract the investment, develop socio – economic. Welcome and worked with the delegation, there were Vice Secretary of Lam Dong Party Committee, Chairman of Lam Dong People’s Committee Doan Van Viet; Vice Chairman of Lam Dong People’s Committee Pham S.


In the meeting, both sides shared the related contents to attract investment of projects building new urban; the investment management of the public projects, entertainment places, develop tourism, high-tech agriculture production. Based on the focusing those achievements of 2016, orientation and target of 2017, Chairman Bui Minh Chau emphasized that in the difficult of economic, Lam Dong province kept the growth rate higher than the previous year, specially, the average income was 50 billion dongs per year per one person. It reflects exactly the development of the economic. Policies, plans of Lam Dong as well as Phu Tho has set in years toward to this target.


Chairman Bui Minh Chau expected in the next time, two provinces will close the relationship, strengthen cooperation; exchange experiments; especially objects relate to the development of agriculture production on the way of goods, high-tech; management, development urban; attract investment; develop tourism. Experiments in the tourism development of Da Lat city in particular and Lam Dong in particular will help Phu Tho deploy effective potentials and bring its become the key economic.


On behalf of Lam Dong leaders, Chairman Doan Van Viet thanked you for the attention of Party, government and people of Phu Tho. He believed that Phu Tho’s achievements in 2016, special the renovation of service government will be the stable foundation to success to do the target of the Resolution of 18th Phu Tho Party Committee set.


Before, the delegation had visited and exchanged experiments in the investment and management Da la Goft Valley project; visited and learn the urban management; and the invest and deploy public projects to service tourism development.


By Phuong Thao

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