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Son Vy teapot warm keeper


PhuthoPortal - “What belong to culture will remain forever”, Mr. Nguyen Van Hao, Head of Son Vy craft village (Lam Thao District) told us story about his village. The more I heard the story the more I loved this ancient village.

Phu Thinh Tea Village - Developments after to be recognized as craft villages

PhuthoPortal –We visits Phu Thinh Tea Village – Phu Ho commune, Phu Tho township on the sunny day. In our eyes is the vast tea fields. It looks like as amazing picture.  Phu Thinh Tea Village was recognized by Phu Tho People’s Committee on December 2014. The village has been developing and determining tea as the main tree to develop economic at the local.

Concerning to find the way development of traditional villages

PhuthoPortal – Following the statistic of a branch of Rural Development, Phu Tho province has 60 traditional villages reorganization by Phu Tho People’s Committee in 2013. Traditional villages create jobs for labors in rural, specially in the free time. Total labor of traditional villages was 28,690 labors. The revenue reached VND 678 billion and VND 404 billion income. The value income has contributed development socio – economic of locals and improvement the quality of the families. However, there are difficulties to both development more craft and traditional villages.

Phu Tho Tradition craft village

PhuthoPortal - Boasting along history, Phu Tho is renowned as the cradle of Vietnam civilization thus Phu Tho people have been restoring and developing traditions and typical features of Vietnam people. The people here are famous for their creativeness in working, their perseverance in struggling, their kind-heartedness and artistic souls.

Doan Ket food processing village

PhuthoPortal - Doan Ket Hamlet of Hung Lo commune, Phu Ninh district has been well-known for processing vermicelli, rice noodle and rice sheets for hundreds of years. The hamlet’s products have established their brand name and won customers’ trust with their high quality.

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Fatherland Front President named new Secretary of HCMC Party Committee

The Politburo has decided to assign Politburo member and President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan as the new Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee to replace Dinh La Thang, a member of the Party Central Committee.

Dinh La Thang removed from Politburo

With over 90% of votes, the 12th Party Central Committee on Sunday decided to give warning to and remove Mr. Dinh La Thang from the Politburo, according to the press release on its third working day.

CPVCC discusses socialist-oriented market economy institutions

The Party Central Committee on Saturday morning deliberated on the project on improving institutions of the socialist-oriented market economy.

CPVCC convenes 5th plenary meeting

The 12th Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee (CPVCC) opened its 5th plenary meeting in Ha Noi on Friday.

PM regards traditional medicine as treasure

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that traditional medicine is the treasure of the nation and Viet Nam’s pharmaceutical materials are fully untapped at the Government’s national meeting on the country's pharmaceutical materials.