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Rung Cam Temple - Quang Huc Pagoda: Imprint of Hung King’s Faith Worship


PhuthoPortal - Located in historical relics of pagoda - temple - church, Rung Cam Temple and Quang Huc Pagoda (Quang Huc commune, Tam Nong district) not only is the place of cultural and spirit activities of local people that in bold of Hung King worship beliefs, but also confirming the enduring history of a small village on Bua the river. Undergo the vicissitudes of history, Rung Cam Temple and Quang Huc Pagoda could not maintain fully initially primitive but the remnants suggests many thoughts for those looking for the old place.

Ao Gioi – Suoi Tien (God Pond – Fairy Stream)

Ao Gioi – Suoi Tien (God Pond – Fairy Stream) is located in Quan Khe commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province.

Emerald Island – The haven of resort

PhuthoPortal - Far from Hanoi 70 kilometers in the Northwest, Emerald Island (Dao Ngoc Xanh) is laying on the La Phu commune, Thanh Thuy district with the total area nearly 65 hectares. In the past it is a hill, around is water, and now it is become the bigger an entertainment and resort of the delta and mountain in the north. Nature has given to here amazing hot mineral water. Each time visitors go to Emerald Island, they can swim in the hot mineral water and the fresh air.

Thanh thuy Hot mineral water mine

PhuthoPortal - Thanh thuy Hot mineral water mine located in La phu and Bao Yen commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province, 40 kilometers away from Viet Tri city next to the expanded area of Hanoi.

Sight-seeing places

PhuThoPortal - With special natural conditions particlularly the diversified topography, Phu Tho has atractive tourism resources. Many forms of tourism can be exploited in this province (e.g. sightseeing, recreation, disease treatment and ecological tourism).

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Sight-seeing places (21/04/2014)
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Fatherland Front President named new Secretary of HCMC Party Committee

The Politburo has decided to assign Politburo member and President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan as the new Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee to replace Dinh La Thang, a member of the Party Central Committee.

Dinh La Thang removed from Politburo

With over 90% of votes, the 12th Party Central Committee on Sunday decided to give warning to and remove Mr. Dinh La Thang from the Politburo, according to the press release on its third working day.

CPVCC discusses socialist-oriented market economy institutions

The Party Central Committee on Saturday morning deliberated on the project on improving institutions of the socialist-oriented market economy.

CPVCC convenes 5th plenary meeting

The 12th Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee (CPVCC) opened its 5th plenary meeting in Ha Noi on Friday.

PM regards traditional medicine as treasure

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that traditional medicine is the treasure of the nation and Viet Nam’s pharmaceutical materials are fully untapped at the Government’s national meeting on the country's pharmaceutical materials.