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Duck and banana blossom - The specialty dish of Muong ethnic in Tan Son district


PhuthoPortal - Tan Son is a mountain district of Phu Tho province with over 82% of the population are ethnic minorities, in which 76% Muong ethnic, the rest are King, Dao, Hmong and other ethnic. Tan Son has a specific culture space because of each ethnic minority bring its unique culture. The gastronomic culture with the specialty dishes of ethnics in Tan Son district in general and Muong ethnic in particular have contributed to creating a unique cultural space.

Building Phu Tho’s agricultural brand before the new opportunities

PhuthoPortal - When Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was signed and taken effect. It will promise to bring new developments to Vietnam economy with preferential export tax at all commodities; included agricultural products in Vietnam would also have the opportunity export to many countries in the region and beyond.

Brocade making village a mid Tan Son Forest

PhuthoPortal - Lying in the arms of the majestic mountains and forests, Chieng Hamlet, Kim Thuong Commune, Tan Son District bears a strangely peaceful beauty. Set amid the white clouds blended with the green of mountains and forests are the contiguous stilted houses on the mountain side. Inside these houses, the Muong women are seen getting absorbed in working on their looms.

Phu Tho gastronomy

PhuThoPortal - One interesting way to reach a new land and new culture is to enjoy foods there. The idea is always right because gastronomy is cultural characteristics of each region. Phu Tho, the ancestor’s land, will serve friends and guests from every coner of country with its special but popular dishes

Fish dishes

Lang: habitat living is wide, deep and strong current rivers. The fishes live in the bed of the river and their food is small animals. They only appear on the water surface when they are grown-up so fisherman can catch big fish of few kilos to dozens of kilos. Lang fish is the best tasty catfish.

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Fatherland Front President named new Secretary of HCMC Party Committee

The Politburo has decided to assign Politburo member and President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Nguyen Thien Nhan as the new Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee to replace Dinh La Thang, a member of the Party Central Committee.

Dinh La Thang removed from Politburo

With over 90% of votes, the 12th Party Central Committee on Sunday decided to give warning to and remove Mr. Dinh La Thang from the Politburo, according to the press release on its third working day.

CPVCC discusses socialist-oriented market economy institutions

The Party Central Committee on Saturday morning deliberated on the project on improving institutions of the socialist-oriented market economy.

CPVCC convenes 5th plenary meeting

The 12th Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee (CPVCC) opened its 5th plenary meeting in Ha Noi on Friday.

PM regards traditional medicine as treasure

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that traditional medicine is the treasure of the nation and Viet Nam’s pharmaceutical materials are fully untapped at the Government’s national meeting on the country's pharmaceutical materials.